JSC Lonsta was registered in 2000.  Main activities of the company are construction of engineering networks, welfare installation works, road construction and repair, trade of waterproof materials and production of fasteners.

JSC Lonsta performs construction works of rain drainage, domestic wastewaters, water systems, pump-houses, bulkheads, hydroengineering buildings, concrete pouring to any extent and other general construction works. The company has all the necessary equipment for works in great depths and watery soils.

JSC Lonsta performs all landscaping, welfare installation, road and street construction, repair and asphalt works.

JSC Lonsta has received certification from Certification Centre of Building Products and can perform buildings and parts of buildings construction works in the range of engineering network, communication services, and construction of residential and non-residential buildings. All our employees have completed courses in their specialties and work safety in accordance to their work-specific needs in vocational training centres.

The quality of works and services and working speed are highly dependent on disposable construction machinery and work equipment. Most of the excavators, lorries, vibro-rollers and other construction machinery are not older than 5 years. Only newest and certified laser and optical measuring devices are used in measurement works. Small mechanization and work equipment are regularly updated.

JSC Lonsta is a representative of French enterprise group ONDULINE Groupe in Lithuania and distributes its products. ONDULINE Groupe manufactures different kinds of roofing and waterproofing products.